What is fire safety?

Provide and install a smoke alarm on each storey and a carbon monoxide alarm in any room with a solid fuel-burning appliance, make sure there

is access to escape routes at all times and ensure any furniture and furnishings you supply are fire safe.

It is of the utmost importance that residents do not block the stairways or communal areas of the building. These hindrances can contribute to

the reduction of the overall fire safety of the building as doormats and such items block communal areas/stairways and it is of paramount

the importance that these are kept clear so that residents have a clear path of exit in case of a fire emergency.

As the use of doormats is strictly prohibited, tenants must remove any doormats they may have left outside of the door.

What steps we have undertaken to ensure fire safety compliance

-Fire extinguishers located in various parts of the premises for use in the case of a fire.

-Fire escape routes are kept clear at all times

-Fire exit signs made visible to residents.

What tenants can do to prevent the eventuality of fire:

-Ensure that cookers are turned off when not in use

-Ensure that no liquids come into contact with electrical equipment/plug sockets.

-Ensure that there is no weight being placed on any gas fittings

-No smoking is allowed inside the property

-Ensure that junk mail is recycled

-Use of candles prohibited within the property

Potential sources of fire hazards:


-Electrical installations

-Gas installations


-Cigarette smoking

Please ensure that these guidelines are adhered to as the consideration of these aspects can contribute to all residents' overall fire safety in the

building. It is important that everyone plays their part in the maintenance of the overall safety of the building and ensuring that the building

is safe for all residents to live in.

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